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I could sit here and type a million, philosophical, deep and profound reasons why I created this blog, but I am not going to... I am going to keep it simple..... I just thought it would be great to have some conversations, some guidance and just fun with my daughter… on the World Wide Web.  And maybe by sharing  on this platform, Mimi and I become pioneers in eradicating the myth that parents and teenagers can't have amazing relationships, that mothers and daughters cannot be BFFS, and that together conquer the world, change policies and governmental oppression... Okay, I got a little carried away, but you get the picture...

Initially it was going to be about guiding Mimi, the daughter component of this duo, through her natural hair journey and embracing her curls and her look, but we also love fashion; give us tape, a pair of scissors, a pencil and a rubber band and we will make an outfit or at least enhance one.  Its not just hair and fashion, its life; it’s how do I convince her to love her hair, when a teacher told her to wear her hair tamed for a national debate, or how do I encourage her to love learning and go to college, although her dad and I, both  have 2 degrees and still struggle at times. There is just so much we have to discuss. I figured, navigating through life is such a daunting task, why not add a fun layer to the equation. Hence, the birth of Mimi and Julz.




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